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Parking and Transport Info

With the Soundsplash Presale just around the corner, here’s everything you need to know about tickets, parking, and transportation options. Let’s dive in!

Festival Ticket Only
(Staying Offsite):

  • If you’re staying offsite and not camping at Soundsplash, all you need is the Festival Ticket and a Raglan Airfield Bus Pass.
  • Purchase the correct age group ticket for yourself. We are unable to process swaps so check you have bought the correct ticket.
  • On the event day, head to the Raglan Offsite Park.
  • Hop on a Bus that will take you directly to the festival venue. Make sure you book a bus pass so you can jump on and off the Bus throughout the weekend to take you to and from the festival.
  • We recommend waiting until the afternoon to catch the shuttle.

Camping Ticket +
Festival Ticket
(Camping at Soundsplash):

  • For campers who want the full experience, grab both the Camping Ticket and the Festival Tickets for the right age group.
  • Please note that there are no pass-outs for campers but you can access the beach.
  • Choose your preferred camp zone and purchase the Camping Ticket. We are unable to process swaps so check you have bought the correct ticket.
  • Limited Onsite Parking Passes are available for campers.
  • With an Onsite Parking Pass, you can access Soundsplash when gates open at 8am.

If you are parking offsite or being dropped off at the Raglan Offsite Park you will need to book a Raglan Airfield Bus, the first Raglan Airfield Bus will start departing at 10am with check-in opening at 9am. Make sure you book both your departing and return time slots

Transport Options:

  • Auckland Return Road to Raglan Bus:
  1. The earliest bus departs Auckland at 7am and arrives in Raglan at approximately 9am.
  2. Collect your wristband in Auckland at Trusts Arena, Henderson, on Friday and go through the bag search, then jump on a bus that takes you directly to the Soundsplash site.
  3. Bus times will be staggered. You will need to book both your departing and return times for the bus.


  • Hamilton Return Splash Bus
  1. Departs Caro St bust stop in Hamilton at 9am and takes you to the Raglan Offsite Park.
  2. Returns from Soundsplash to the same bus stop in Hamilton on Sunday, departing Raglan approx. 10am from Soundsplash on Sunday.

  • Drop Off or park at Raglan Offsite Park (Official Drop-Off Location):
  1. Important: If you are being dropped off in Raglan, you will need to book a time slot for the Raglan Airfield Bus.
  2. the Raglan Airfield Bus from the Offsite Park to the festival venue start running at 10am with check-in opening at 9am.
  3. The Raglan Airfield Bus times are staggered to allow timely processing of ticket holders.

TePee Life Village Pre-Pitched Camps:

  • This camp is exclusively available for customers who book a camping pass in TePee Life Village Camp Zones.
  • To secure your spot in these cozy and convenient Pre-Pitched Camps, you’ll need to add a tent option on top of your Festival Ticket.
  • Tents are sold per tent and include only ONE Camping Pass. The tents come in small and large sizes to suit your group’s needs. So, gather your festival squad and get ready for an incredible stay! Minimum 2 people needed in order to purchase a tent.
  • Please note that a $50 green bond is included in the cost of the tent and will be returned if your campsite is left in a clean condition before you leave.
  • For more details about the types of tents available, inclusions, and additional information about our Pre-Pitched Camping options please refer to our website FAQ page.

Road Trippers Camping (Caravans, campervans):

  • If you’re bringing a caravan or campervan, grab the Road Trippers Camping Ticket. Each person camping will need their own festival and camping Ticket.
  • You’ll also need an Onsite Sleeper Standard Vehicle Parking Pass for your caravan or motorhome. One parking pass per vehicle.
  • With an Onsite Parking Pass, you can access Soundsplash when gates open at 8am.

Please Note:

  • Festival Tickets, Camping Tickets, Pre-Pitched Tent Options, Parking Passes and Transportation options are all sold separately.
  • Plan your arrival accordingly based on your preferred transportation method.

Further Information

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